Hi Everyone !!!

Welcome to Country Cabin Gang's 1st Birthday Celebration.
Were so happy you could join us.
It sure has been a wonderful 1st year.
I wanna thank you all for being here
with me this year and
helping me make Country Cabin Gang what it is today.
I am very pleased with how the group is going.
We have managed to make this what i feel is a wonderful group.
I love you all and as I look into
the future of Country Cabin Gang
I see even more wonderful things in store for us...
To all my wonderful Advisors
What can I say except you have all
been so wonderful in helping run this group..
I appreciate each and everyone of you ...

A year ago I opened up
Country Cabin Gang
With a dream of it being a wonderful
group to hang out and share fun and friendship.
You guys have helped it become so much more.
And I love you all.

Happy 1rst Birthday
Country Cabin Gang !!!!

Hugs n Wishes
Tams - Founder









Thank you so much to Cabin Hostess
Sassymom for making this wonderful set
for our wonderful celebration.

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